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MECAWARE is a Strategic Raw Material Producer
who operates from two waste streams


Added values

MEtal & CArbon WAste REcycling


MECAWARE exploits the deposit of the urban mine to produce purified strategic metals such as Lithium, Cobalt, Nickel, Manganese,  Aluminum and Copper, which are essential  for the green technologies of the 21st century.


MECAWARE captures and valorizes CO²  from industrial flue gases for the separation  of metals by mineral carbonation. 900 Kg of CO² are thus stored per ton of recycled metals.


Our strategy exploits the synergy between two eco-responsible actions : the recycling of metals from technological waste and the capture of CO2 from industrial fumes.

The capture of CO2 generates a dynamic library of tailored extractants which bind each metal of the deposit. This toolbox spontaneously adapts to compositional fluctuation of the feedstock to be processed.

Our CO2 capture/separation chemistry proceeds in a closed loop, entirely in water, neither with orga-nic solvent, nor with impacting dissolving agent .Effluent production is thus drastically reduced com-pared to conventional hydrometallurgic processes.

Our process operates in highly concentrated conditions, at ambient temperature and pressure, thus with reduced water and energy requirements.

Extraction proceeds by selective precipitation with high yields ( >95% per unit operation).

Separation by selective precipitation means a limited number of unitary operations, hence modest infrastructural requirements and capital expenditures. Similarly, the low energy demand and limited volume of effluent drastically reduces the operational expenditures.

The simplicity of our process offers the opportunity to set up industrial units on-site to process each deposit individually in very efficient conditions. We contribute to your material traceability and we optimize the performance of your production line by reducing your carbon footprint. The supply chain is reduced to its strict minimum.

Technological waste is our urban mine. Our disruptive process allows us to extract from this feedstock the critical metals needed to manufacture the devices which are essential to our mobility and every-day life.
We are the new producers of Lithium, Nickel, Cobalt, Manganese, Aluminium, Copper, …


Developing efficient and sustainable solutions
to secure raw materials supply:

> Working on Gigafactory scraps all over Europe

> Working with pCAM & CAM manufacturers to optimise metal specifications

> Partnering with recyclers to adapt solutions

> Integrate automotive industry to deploy recycling loops


eCO2 - Chem

capture / separation chemistry patent

eCO2 - Prec

Continuous precipitation process patent

eCO2 - Leach

CO2-assisted leaching patent

eCO2 - Strip

Lithium Ion batteries recycling patent


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    MECAWARE - eco².cycling for better future